About Me

Austen Pride is a site devoted to Jane Austen’s novels and characters, as well as the many variations of them created by others for print or film. Here you’ll find Jane Austen movie news and reviews, texts of her novels, links to fan fiction, and more.

Ginger Rand, the site owner, is a woman of a certain age who loves Jane Austen’s novels for their characterizations, lively dialogue and wit. Not being a purist, she also loves most of the movies and TV series of Austen’s work, as well as spinoffs such as modern-day Darcys, fan fiction, and the like. She wishes that she were as witty as Jane Austen and that men still dressed like Mr. Darcy. Those jackets were awesome, and the tight breeches weren’t bad, either.

Ginger Rand is the nom de plume of a longtime writer and editor who has written everything from cookbooks to travel pieces to book reviews, but doesn’t pretend to be an academic or a Jane Austen expert of any kind. Being very opinionated, though (hey, so is Lizzy Bennet), she suffers no embarrassment at sharing her opinions regarding all things Austen with the rest of the world.

She is currently writing a trilogy of contemporary romances inspired by Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, Emma, and Persuasion.